The workshops delivered in schools and communities are suggesting many ways in which these traditions can be enjoyed by all. We'll be gathering these ideas together during autumn 2017, and to give you some idea of how that will be organised we've created the categories below.

Stepdance and the Curriculum

We'll be indicating here some of the ways the music, dance and traditions can be integrated into the curriculum.  

What Can You Expect from a Schools Workshop?

What will happen on the day, how you can prepare so as to get the most out of it, how you can follow it up.  

Downloadable Resources

Useful materials for a workshop, with or without a teacher. 

Dance Teachers

Who can come and teach you the authentic Dartmoor traditions.

Taking Steps

As part of the 2017 Taking Steps project, workshops were held for schools and the community by Spinningpath Arts.

Spinningpath Arts

Founded in March 2013, Spinningpath Arts CIC is a Devon-based social enterprise dedicated to taking the folk arts into schools and the community.  Our vision is to inspire inclusive participation, creativity and development through traditional dance, music, song, pastimes and related arts.  In other words, we like to get everyone making  music, singing, dancing and having a great time!

Most of our activities are based in the traditional music, dance and song of England and the British Isles, but we also draw on folk traditions from around the world. 

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