In 2016 TASC, a long established folk music charity, based in Wales, set up a project to find out more about the stepdance tradition on Dartmoor.  The project was suggested by its members, who enjoy and participate in folk music, song and dance in many parts of Britain and mainland Europe.

The project was undertaken in partnership with Dartmoor Folk Festival, and the work was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, with additional contributions from Dartmoor Folk Festival, The Dartmoor Trust, Sarah Crofts in memory of Doug Adams, and Seed. 

image is of one of the SPINNINGPATH workshops in South Tawton school, which was part of the project.


Many of the key ideas in the project were first put forward by Lisa Sture. As Project Co-ordinater Lisa has also pulled the strands together in a remarkably short space of time.

Philip Freeman, Director of TASC, oversaw the project and provided general direction.

Jenny Read of Spinningpath Arts was of enormous help in devising the educational aspects of the project.

The staff at Heritage Lottery Fund were wonderfully helpful and encouraging.

Jason Rice, Mark Bazeley and Jacqueline Patten of Dartmoor Folk Festival provided essential support for the project.



Funded By: TASC, Dartmoor Folk Music, Heritage Lottery Fund
Information on this website was compiled by the Taking Steps Project carried out by TASC in partnership with Dartmoor Folk Festival. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with additional contributions from The Dartmoor Trust and Sarah Croft, in memory of Doug Adams