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The Archive contains information gathered from many sources, for which you will either find the source material or links to, here so that each person who is interested can do their own research about specific aspects of the tradition as well as draw their own conclusions about the evidence. 

In order to make the information gathered here accessible, summaries have been created on various topics, which we hope are helpful.



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We have assembled a mass of material about Dartmoor and Devon Stepdancing, but there's always more to do. Everything from helping us at our events to interviewing and recording, from researching the archives to having a go at the dance steps.

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Albert Crocker and George Cann with Bob Cann. Whiddon Down, Devon, England, 1932
image(c)British Library Board



Video & Film

There are a number of videos on our You Tube channel.


In 2016 TASC, a long established folk music charity, based in Wales, set up a project to find out more about the stepdance tradition on Dartmoor.  The project was suggested by its members, who enjoy and participate in folk music, song and dance in many parts of Britain and mainland Europe.

The project was undertaken in partnership with Dartmoor Folk Festival, and the work was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, with additional contributions from Dartmoor Folk Festival, The Dartmoor Trust, Sarah Crofts in memory of Doug Adams, and Seed. 

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Funded By: TASC, Dartmoor Folk Music, Heritage Lottery Fund
Information on this website was compiled by the Taking Steps Project carried out by TASC in partnership with Dartmoor Folk Festival. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with additional contributions from The Dartmoor Trust and Sarah Croft, in memory of Doug Adams